Mgr. art. Ľubo Michalko

I am 35 years old and have three beautiful children. With my family I live in the vicinity of Bratislava, Kvetoslavov. I studied Ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Product design at the Faculty of architecture at the Slovak university of Technology.

Having graduated I put myself in discovering of  my own artistic creation and that is how I engaged in the fields of interior design, web design, graphic design and product design. However, I have always returned to making ceramics.

I have dedicated last 8 years to the creation of original ceramic mosaics for which I have developed my own technology and processes. Between 2009 and 2014 I was giving classes of the product and interior design at a private high schol (www.skoladizajnu.sk).

Today, my attention is directed to the production of my own works – ceramic mosaics, reliefs and to creative graphic design.

Religious themes prevail in my artistic production since to me God is an endless inspiration that keeps my mind busy and fills my soul with serenity. My aspiration to raise awarness of the concept of contemporary christian art has led me to launching of the project KRESTum – portal of christian fine arts www.krestum.sk which is intended for any professionals in the field of fine arts whose production reflects christian values.

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